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Nonwotech is a member of Kisbu Group, our roof company founded by Nedim KİSBU in 1978. Kisbu Group, with its professional business understanding, young and dynamic staff, the value it attaches to human resources and its progressive structure, is at the top of many platforms with its worldwide work. Nonwotech, which closely follows the developments in the technical textile sector and new demands in the market, is the company that is “Taken As A Base” with its firm management and strong structure.
Considered one of Turkey’s industrial centers with manufacturing facilities in Tekirdağ Muratlı and İstanbul Beylikdüzü there are 6 sales offices and distribution centers. Without compromising goals and principles, Nonwotech spreads successful work to the world with the discipline it provides, and exports products to 78 countries with quality, open structure, investments and customer portfolio. Not only in Turkey, but also among European the most reliable and succefull companies, as one of Europe’s most reliable and most successful companies come into a global brand in the industry is always one step ahead While acting with the aim of being a pioneer and an example for the society with all the corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects it has implemented, company also contributes to the national economy and employment with its investments. Nonwotech believes in the power of domestic production and strive to enlarge the place our national power has gained in the international market day by day. And since the day of foundation Nonwotech is constantly developing with great devotion and devotion, based on customer satisfaction and taking firm steps forward in line withgoals.our goals..